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Request a Portal Announcement


Requests for TUportal announcements must be initiated at the Dean/VP level and submitted to Computer Services for approval via the TUportal Feedback form. Before visiting the form, please review the guidelines below.

Announcement requests must include the following information:

  1. Announcement type: Front Page which appear on the portal login page and are visible to all users or Targeted which appear on the insides of the portal on the "MyPortal" tab.
  2. Display dates
  3. Headline
  4. Announcement text
  5. “Signature” containing contact information and source of the announcement. For example:

For more information contact:

John Doe
Computer Services

General Guidelines:

  1. To ensure that space is available for your announcement on the requested dates, two weeks advance notice is suggested.

  2. The same announcement can display on TUportal for a maximum of seven days. You have the option of requesting separate blocks of time to display your message. For example, you can request a 3-day posting to be followed, one week later, by a 4-day posting.

  3. Note: The same announcement can display on TUportal a maximum of three times (7-days total) within 30 days.

  4. Keep your announcement concise. Refer your audience to detailed information by linking to a web page.

  5. If your announcement is an event and it does not apply to the entire Temple community or can not be targeted to a specific audience request a listing in TUcalendar instead of an announcement.

  6. Note: If you include a link to a web page, do not write “Click here for more information.” Instead, use the convention seen in the following examples:

Additional information is available.”
“Submit your request online.”

Specific Guidelines

Front page announcements

  • Apply to the entire Temple community.
  • Contain a headline with a maximum of 50 characters.
  • Include a message with a maximum of 350 words.
  • Contain a “Signature.”
  • Can display one image, no larger than 200 x 200 pixels.
Targeted announcements
  • Specify one of the following audiences: students, faculty, staff (employees and faculty), applicants, or student workers.
  • Contain a headline with a maximum of 60 characters.
  • Include a message with a maximum 1000 words.
  • Contain a “Signature.”

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please submit them via the TUportal Feedback form.